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Myer is where Australia lives —

Wanna get the edge with some of the latest make up trends from Dior, fashion from Wayne Cooper and of course, bags? Look no further. For whatever reason, I am a night owl. So herein lies my procrastination from sleep.

Read on, if you dare…

Myer has positioned itself well with some of the most successful fashion labels on the Australian fashion scene. It is interesting to watch how the Myer brand adapts its history in its marketing today.

In this blog, I’ll share what enthuses me about the Myer brand as well as my weekly favourites during a sneaky window shopping session in store.


I’d like to share some of my favourite Myer items for this week. I’m loving the pinks at Wayne Cooper as well as their heels. I’ve taken the liberty of crafting a little collage for you guys. The dress will work for someone who’s used to high neck lines. It’s got some beautifully styled sleeves, which I thought were really elegant with the shoes in the bottom of the collage. These are new season Wayne Cooper shoes. Depending on whether you like a bit of shimmer in your outfit, you could go for gold or simply opt for classic black, which is a versatile purchase in my eyes. The black shoes will go with so much more.

It seems this week my window shopping has truly become about the Wayne Cooper brand. On the left hand side of the collage, I’ve got some golden purses from WC, all tied together with their signature ribbon. Finally, if the gold isn’t for you, I was looking at Cellini Sport for their basic hobo chic bag. I’ve got a Cellini Sport myself, and it’s got great functionality at a reasonable price. It’s also black. Black just works.

Top it off with some pearl earrings from Gregory Ladner for an effortless look.

So for all the beauty buffs, this month Dior has released a new range of what I like to call metallic paints.


Didn’t see that one coming (yes, untimely alliteration is my specialty). This is a big contrast to Dior’s classic products which include its signature lipsticks and mascaras. The Dior brand is definitely catering to its millennial customer base with these new make-products. Sometimes, taking a risk in business pays off. Let’s see how sales go on the floor!

I did a swatch test on these brand new shadows, which can also be used on the lips. They are in all senses of the word, paints. They are highly pigmented, but a word of caution – they are not for the feint-hearted. For the seasoned make-up artist, it’s a matter of picking up your make up brush as well as applying a decent eye base underneath.

In other news:

Today, I was handed an Esprit magazine, which is a fantastic publication for all beauty therapy industry professionals. As a beauty consultant myself, I’ve read the magazine, keenly interested in reviews of major upcoming products as well as marketing and business news on recent acquisitions in the Beauty Industry. Awards in Beauty Journalism have been given to bloggers just like myself. This branch of journalism concerns the research of upcoming product innovations in the field of beauty as well as new methods of customer acquisition and management of the client files in a beauty business.

Whilst reading this magazine for the first time, the scope of the beauty industry was once again reinforced to me.

Okay, so, back to Dior Metalizers.

Source: New In Beauty 2017, by Tessie Maloo, Pinterest.

The Dior Metalizers are quite pigmented, and I would most likely use them to create new eye shadow looks. Using the product on the lips can be complimented with Dior glosses, to add shine to the Dior Metalizer itself. There’s a lot of fun to be had with these products, and beauty Vloggers are already beating me to the punch.

But if Dior is a little bit out of the price range, there are some equally pigmented alternatives.

Source: YouTube 

Beauty Vlogger, Julia Salvia has done some amazing swatches with the new L’Oreal Infallible Lip Paint, which is available in both matte and metallic. My favourite is Cinna-bomb. It is such a bright, red colour, perfect for nights out as well as if you want to downplay the eyes and really zone in on the lips. The advantage of L’Oreal’s range of Lip Paint is that it comes with a proper applicator. So there’s no messy disposables and it’s easy to apply on the go. Dior’s Metalizers on the other hand do require a plastic make-up palette or a lip brush at the very least. This means a whole lot more cleaning than if you were to use the L’Oreal ones.

I hope that this post has been informative and that it might have piqued your interest in the beauty industry further. I sure have learnt a lot from Esprit Magazine today. Click here to shop this chic look!

♥ Empower Me Mag ♥



Napoleon Perdis’ Sarah Reese Stunning in her New Look #makeupisart

Napoleon has done so much with their brand over the last 25 years. Competing with the likes of Clarins, Shu Umera and Laura Mercier. Who would have thought that the Napoleon family would be such an authority in the beauty industry in such a short period of time?

Who is Sarah Reese? 

Napoleon Account Manager/Education Manager for Napoleon.

Fascinated by her look, I asked if she could tell me what she had used on her face. There was so much innovation in that face, that I had to take a photo.

When I say innovation, a lot of tech comes into mind in 2017, maybe even a little sci-fi fiction with robots and androids. But no! I’m talking about innovation with colour.

Featured below, Sarah has used all Napoleon products, bar her lashes which are from her best friend’s newly launched faux-mink lash business: Bambi Lashes, no doubt a clever ode to Disney’s Bambi (sweet!).

Ok, let’s break down the look and start with her hair, which is amazingly purple! I love a bit of purple.


For the base, she has used some Napoleon BBB cream combined with Napoleon’s Personal Trainer Serum foundation. Mixing foundations has created a beautiful photogenic look for her skin.


My favourite part of her look is the ombre lips. These are definitely a lot of work, but if done correctly, they can brighten up your lips and really define them. Sarah has used Napoleon’s Venus lips mixed with Onyx factor eye pencil, combined with the Wintry Lilly loose eye dust on the lips.


Finally, let’s take a look at those super shaped brows. She’s used Wand-er brow in brunette beauty, simply following the shape of her natural brow. It’s amazing how brows can change a face. If you’re looking to work in the beauty industry, especially at Napoleon, you’ve got a lot to learn about brows!


The final step is the eye shadow, liner and of course the beautiful faux-mink Bambi lashes. An eye base is recommended to ensure that the eye shadow and liner stay for a prolonged period of time. After that, Sarah has used white eye pencil in the waterline, to open her eyes up. This has been followed by eyeshadow, for which she has used Napoleon’s Wild Sunflower colour disk, blended out with the Orange Sherbet Colour disk. Lashes of course are by her best friend and entrepreneur Alex Rosas. These lashes are available through his website.

You can use a blending brush or beauty blender to really get those eyes blended properly. It’s crucial to ensure that the products you use, no matter what brand they’re from, are blended into the skin to give a professional finish. If you are in beauty school right now, make sure you start up your portfolio just like Alex Rosas! It would be great to also build a blog presence.



Want a little bit of insider information on Napoleon’s exclusive training program? Dream of doing make-up for a living? Here’s the scoop on the levels of training inside the Napoleon brand:

What you need to know

Napoleon has an extensive training program to acquaint all their sales associates on new products.

  1. The Online Modules: extensive videos with details on Napoleon’s upcoming launches.
  2. The Counter practical training: Napoleon has their education manager and account exec, Sarah to go around to all NSW counters, training them on the new products and how to sell. This means that each employee gets one on one training exposure on the counter.
  3. Finally, the follow up! Okay, so this isn’t as scary as it sounds. It’s a written component to their training program. Essentially, the written test allows Head Office to find out just how much their sales team have retained from all that educational investment and training.

Apparently, this 3-step training program has allowed sales to rise in the last quarter by 22%. You know what that means? The system works! Taking advantage of company online, practical and written tests to train you up will ensure your success at Napoleon.

From a business perspective, it looks like a fantastic education model to drive their bottom line. Compared to other brands, Napoleon definitely has delivered to the business world a surefire training method that brings about results. Other brands should take a leaf out of Napoleon’s book.

Over the course of 2017, Napoleon has appeared in Who magazine, New Idea, The Urban List, Women’s Day, Professional Beauty magazine and so many more. They’re also the official make-up partners for Mercedes Benz Fashion week! It could be an opportunity for students of beauty and newcomers to the beauty industry to step in and work on a variety of fronts, which includes not only their retail branches throughout Myer and David Jones, but also at Fashion week events. That sort of exposure will get you a hell of a portfolio boost as well as tonnes more freelance work. Fashion shows would be great fun to cover!

Finishing off with a link to a video on Napoleon Perdis’ Make up academy. Hope you’re feeling empowered readers!



Chessie with the Purple Hair

Based on a true encounter I had, this piece is dear to my heart. Treat it with care!



Book Review: New Pompeii, by Daniel Godfrey

Just finished this great novel by Daniel Godfrey. I haven’t been really impressed or intrigued by a book in just under two months, when I did a review on “The Girls” by Emma Cline.

I really enjoyed the use of conflict to show the differences between Roman political and war tactics compared with modern warfare in this novel. If there was any scene that I would call my favourite, it’s when the two worlds clash in the form of a conflict between the Novus Particles operations chief and Barbatus, the duumvir of Pompeii.

You’ll particularly enjoy this book if you love modern history. Ideologically, New Pompeii attempts to draw parallels between The Third Reich and the modern corporation. There’s a strong inclination towards an Animal Farm type of conclusion to be drawn from the text itself.

Overall, it’s an exciting page turner and I would definitely recommend it to anyone that enjoys a bit of historical fiction with a mix of sci-fi elements.

There are a lot of unanswered questions that the book leaves the reader open to. You’ll see what I mean when you read it. I’m hoping all the answers will come with the release of its sequel in June 2017. Look out for the next instalment of Daniel Godfrey’s time travel saga “Empire of Time”. So excited for its release!

Another interesting element of the text is the question of alternate histories being formed each time that someone is transported or the timeline is altered by a private corporation. It raises all sorts of questions about the ethics of such a technology in the hands of a non-government entity.

This is explored briefly in the novel, but is definitely on the periphery of its plot. I would have liked to see a plot twist that enabled a more meaty conflict between the government and Novus Particles (the organisation that controls time in New Pompeii). The implications of the technology are however further explored with the parallel story of Kirsten and Harris, alongside the protagonist: Nick (Roman name: Pullus). Both stories are expertly strung together. Godfrey is no doubt a master story teller.

You can check out another review of the same book by the blog, For Winter Nights here.

View the link to purchase this book on your kindle or in paperback on Amazon:

16864324_10212766384974366_8842141412428882744_n.jpgPhoto credit: @craigodoesgames (Instagram)

Part 2: Back to the Ordinary

Here’s part two in my eight part series 2024. Enjoy reading! If you haven’t read the first part, go to my previous blog post “2024” for Part 1.

The Year 2024, NOVA STACIA.

Nova reminisced fondly about the first time she had seen Tom. Little did she know that he would become such a huge part of her life, the Gladiator cyborg. She wondered how he managed to defeat so fearlessly, the robotic monsters that he was faced with every day. To her, he was the ultimate man.

“Nova! What are you doing home at this time?” her father asked.

She mumbled something inaudible and tried to retreat to her room. How could she say she had been to another Gladiator fight? Her father was rigidly against his daughter viewing anything so barbaric and violent.

But she could not tear her eyes away from the spectacle. This was her third fight in the same month. Tom was definitely her favourite gladiator. The way he faced the robots, the way his glistening cyborg arm reached out to smite anything in his path. He was a hero, she was sure of that.

To think, he had noticed her out of anyone else in the crowd. She was flattered to think what this meant. Did he like her? She was attracted to him, that day in the book shop after the match between him and that Z330.

But she knew she was not allowed to get involved with the Gladiator. After all, he was a mere slave and she the daughter of a high powered Galactic diplomat. There was no way society would allow them to be together. And yet, her thoughts shifted to Tom more than once that day.

At breakfast, she remembered the way his shaggy hair cascaded over his eyes, making him seem a little goofy, unable to kill anything. He looked harmless to her.

At lunch, she remembered Tom’s little swagger, as he heaved his cyborg arm with the ease of a toddler lifting a toy.

At dinner, she felt that her infatuation was unavoidable, so she endeavored to bring it up with her father. This was going to be tough, but she wanted to find out about any loopholes in his rules. She knew she would be shunned in Galactic society for choosing a slave. She raised a glass to her father across the table,

“I raise my glass to you father,” she said affecting enthusiasm.

He looked over from his E-reader and raised a bemused eyebrow,

“To what do I owe the toast?” he asked.

She could tell he knew she was an opportunist. After all, she was Frederick Plywater’s daughter.

Frederick was a father who knew when his child was hiding something. He also knew that the world of adolescence was a foreign land which he had not inhabited approximately 300 years. So he let his daughter speak,

“Father, can a woman of my standing, love a man below her caste?” she asked.

“Of course darling, you can love any man you want, as long as he is a Galactic. We must keep the bloodline pure.”

She screwed up her face at that. Her father had ruled out the entire human population in one fell swoop.

Nova sighed, going back to her food. The chef had made pasta today, her favourite with pesto and chicken, and yet she played with her food like a child. Her appetite had completely disappeared.

As long as he is a Galactic.

She scoffed at the statement. All her life, her father had raised her to follow her heart, teaching her that the whole brain would follow. Today, he stood in her way. She ate quickly and retreated to her quarters.

Would she see the gladiator again?

She decided to go to the same bookshop where they’d first met the following week. She had no other way of getting to him. She did not even know his last name.

Meanwhile, her father had forbidden any contact with a human. She stepped into the shop, receiving a familiar nod from the chinese shop assistant. She was young, with light purple hair on one side and a bright blue fringe. She oftentimes wore back, at least she did every time Nova entered the store.

Nova tried to remember the isle where they’d first met. The entire shop was like a huge library. Inside every book was a code, to the audiobook and computerised version of the manuscript. She used her smart phone to scan different items and recieved the entirety of the book on her E-reader device. Each book was placed title facing to the customers. The hard copy cost 300 basas for the one she wanted, but the E-reader version was only 10 basas. She clicked “buy” and soon, the book was in her library.

She meandered through the shelves, looking for new titles, hoping to see her love interest once again. But he was nowhere to be found. Sitting alone in the corner of the store, she ordered a coffee and sank into her E-reader. She had ordered a textbook on robotics, and she began to leaf through it. She remembered Tom’s cyborg arm and wondered what he really was. It was so difficult to tell whether a human was more cyborg or human.

Robotics: Modelling, Planning and Control

The textbook itself was an old one 2008 and was exactly six hundred and thirty two pages long. She tried to understand the complexities of robotics, reading through the text about the different types of robotic joints; revolute and prismatic. The book seemed like gibberish to her and in the end she resigned to reading another work of fiction by Isaac Asimov, a man whose stories had captured her so completely that she had read the entirety of his Foundation series.

She sat wondering how Asimov could have written five hundred works of fiction in his lifetime and she struggled to even write one. Efficiency, she though was the difference between a good writer and a brilliant one.

As she sat wondering about the inner workings of Asimov’s mind, who should appear but Tom himself. He was walking through the historical fiction, pretending to pay attention to it, but she could see his tinny gaze move to her every couple of seconds. She could not help but smile a little too smugly at this attention.

She remembered her father’s words. She was to go nowhere near a human being.

But he’s not human.

She reasoned with herself. After all, Tom was part cyborg. Frederick had said nothing at all about a cyborg, and so she got up, carefully turning off her E-reader and followed him into the bookshelves.
TOM was only allowed to visit his father once a month. His father was painting an image of Tom, the thinker, not the fighter that he truly was. Tom stared at the painting and wondered what it meant. Scathingly, he wondered if his father was alluding to him as a robot Descartes. He’d had enough of the typical “I think, therefore I am” bullshit.

Such was the saddening reality of a gladiator slave. He was trapped like a rat in a maze. He looked over at his cyborg arm. He wondered how a hunk of metal could cause so much pain in another robot. After all, he was part robot. Every day when he stepped into the arena, he was killing his own kind. His identity crisis was simple; was he a man or a robot, or both?

I was a man first, therefore I am a man.

He refused to believe that he was just wiring and circuits and joints. He was so much more than that. Some of the Galactic robots were advanced in AI, but it wasn’t reason to believe that they actually had feelings. They just pulled out a bunch of code from a drawer in their brains that mimicked human emotions. There was no way of truly replicating feelings and the subconscious in a robot. At least, he didn’t think so anyway.

Like his feelings for that girl!

A robot couldn’t do that. It couldn’t think emotionally about the opposite sex. Heck, it couldn’t experience endorphin releases during orgasms with a woman.

He imagined Nova Stacia, the beautiful Galactic woman he had seen in the library. Her hair was long and flowing, and she was staring at him. He’d gone back to Abby’s bookshop in search of her, and she’d been there.

Could he really pull her into this life? Was he really that selfish?

He was a slave, and he knew it. He could not provide for her, but her almond eyes spoke to him.

That second time in Abby’s bookshop, was far better than the first. He’d gotten her number. It was only a matter of time until they met again. She was an achievable target.

He stared at the portrait his father had made, with a mixture of admiration and resignation. On the mantlepiece was a picture of a young girl, his little sister. He stared wistfully from the painting to the image of his baby sister on the mantlepiece, thoughts of Nova still spinning in his head.

It had been the year 2017 when Sara had gone missing. He had searched high and low, gone to every station and yelled her name. But she was never found. She was 3 years old and lost, probably dead.Tom thought of her every time he went home to his father. Then he got back into the arena and imagined that every single opponent was his baby sister’s captor. But none of his wins brought her back.

It would a while before his affair with Nova would lead him to a place that he didn’t want to go. But for now, he was lovesick.

Lovesick and immensely stupid.

To be continued…

Written by Irveen Kaur, UTS Communications Graduate and Writer

©, 2017, Irveen Kaur.

Book Review: “The Girls” by Emma Cline

Recently, I’ve been reading “The Girls” by Emma Cline. I’ve done a short book review, so please feel free to listen:

Book Review: “The Girls” by Emma Cline:

Purchase “The Girls” here. 

Happy Listening guys!

Book feelings

Screen Shot 2017-02-04 at 9.30.59 pm.png

Haha! Got you if you followed the link from my Facebook page. If not, I was just playing around on Piktochart and here’s what I made! ❤



2024 is an eight part series that I am releasing on my blog. It’s a short story, turned novella and I hope you enjoy it. Follow the journey of Tom and Nova as they discover the secrets of the new world. I will be releasing each part as soon as I have written it up. 

Screen Shot 2016-11-08 at 6.17.36 pm.png

PART 1: The Gladiator  

The year 2024, TOM.

The audience roared as Tom raised his head. The light shone into his eyes, and he had no way of knowing whether his corrective lenses were working. There was a slight buzzing sensation in his ears, like bees rushing to honey. He knew the audience was thirsty for blood; he could hear it in the deep roar that resonated from the confines of the Coliseum.

Rome was not the friendliest place, where thieves and bandits roamed free, but it sure had great audiences. His opponent, a battered Galactic robot, no doubt from previous pounding and a lack of maintenance reared its head. Still, the thing was a robot and robots were difficult to bring down. This would require all of his focus. Both sides of his brain worked in unison to help make decisions. There was the cyborg side, and the human side. He still considered himself wholly human however. That made him wonder whether robots thought they were human too. By being part cyborg, he felt an affinity to them that most humans did not. For the most part, humanity viewed robots as an enabler, a hunk of metal designed to perform systematic tasks so that humans could engage in higher level thinking and make decisions that required more analysis than a robot was ever thought capable of doing.

At 24, Tom was the result of an experiment by the Galactic hub, a guinea pig if you will. He agreed to the experiment, so there was no force involved. The doctors and scientists wanted to see how the brain would work with a robotic element. And here he was, ready to fight another one of his kind right to the death. There was a certain poetic tragedy to the scene that lay before the Gladiator himself.

The other machine, was a Z330, several basic robots brought together. It had several arms and resembled something of an octopus skulking around the other side of the arena. The battle had barely begun and he could feel the exhaustion from the previous one. Gladiators were allowed to participate in up to seven battles per week; night in, night out. It sure wasn’t a profession for the weak of heart.

He could see the elements of inspiration taken from nature by the maker of Z, (that’s the nickname he would use for her). Z was walking on the walls of the arena, defying gravity and moving quite quickly towards him. He in turn, moved to the center of the arena, raising his arms to the crowd. For being a gladiator was not just about winning; it was so much more than that. It was about showmanship. It was about giving the crowd what they wanted; a big old show.

Z suddenly made a deadly detour to the center of the arena, and smashed into him. He fought not with his brute strength, but with his mind, skulking between the tentacles and using his hands and legs to strike the beast where it would create obstacles; for instance, the eyes. He pulled an eye from its socket, a large chord following it as it came out of the intricately engineered eye socket.

With one eye remaining, the robot was lost in translation.

Tom seized his chance to cause the maximum amount of damage during this moment of disarray. He tackled the robot to the ground, jumping on top of it and smashing its primary circuit. The whole thing shut down without much of a struggle. He wondered if this was indeed proof that he was much smarter than Z. She died in that puddle of her own chords, her sad singular eye staring straight at him.

He held his breath for thirty seconds, and then it came in waves; the applause.

Tom reminded himself that the people loved the carnage her performed for their pleasure, and not him as a person.

The bell rang to signify a win.

He retreated to his quarters, and just as he was leaving the stadium, he met with the most dazzling brown almond eyes. A beautiful woman was staring at him from the front row. Her eyes melted into his gaze, and he wanted to know her immediately. He wanted to be a part of her life. As quickly as she had appeared, she was gone.

He left his quarters as soon as he could; searching for the almond eyed beauty in the streets. He made his way past shops filled with mangled robot parts, baristas, cupcake bakeries and artists with their works all on the street.

His skin was tanned a golden brown from days of training in the sun. His green eyes searching and not finding the woman he saw. He tried to stop thinking about her, but there was no way out. Her distinctive features were imprinted on his brain. Because of the brain implant, his robot side was able to remember everything he saw to the last detail. This meant that he could remember virtually everything he saw, as well as recall it at will. This was often a good thing, for battle tactics, but not for emotional matters. Some things were better left forgotten.

Finally, he spotted the girl outside a dank little book shop up an alleyway close to the stadium. He followed her inside without thinking. Abbey’s bookshop was a hideout right in the centre of the city. She was looking at socialist historians, namely Marx. Perhaps she was a sociology major; his mind trailed off, picturing her in glasses and a pin up sixties dress devouring anything that had the word ‘discourse’ in it. They were all the same, the educated.

They all had that air of superiority about them, like holding knowledge was going to help in a fight against a wild octopus robot. He hated them all, mostly because he wasn’t allowed that privilege. After the experiments on his body, he was rendered obsolete. No college would take him, knowing that he would easily beat the human students, and possibly even Galactics.

A little information on the Galactics: they are a race that had come to Earth first in 2017, and now they had performed countless feats for science and technology, cured world hunger and also built commerce and created large amounts of employment for humans on Earth. They were revered in some countries as Gods, miracles put on this Earth to save us all.

He snorted at the thought. Tom hated any type of authority.

The girl with the almond eyes appeared to be engrossed in a book so he rounded the corner, and entered the same isle as her, feigning interest in a modern history volume, The Twentieth-Century World and Beyond, An international History since 1900. William R. Keylor wrote the book. He picked it up and leafed through its pages until he reached the Russo-Japanese War of 1904-1905. She looked over at what he was reading like a child. Their eyes met and there was no going back.

“Hello,” he said gruffly.

“My name is Tom Wheeler. I saw that you enjoyed my little show earlier today at the arena.”

She gaped at him.

“Tom Wheeler; the Tom Wheeler, the gladiator.”

“Yes, that’s me. ” he beamed at her.

She gave him an affected smile back, looking at the floor like an adolescent. He wondered about her age, placing it at about 22 years.

She was a galactic for sure, that porcelain skin, the pupils of her eyes, it was all too perfect to be human. Galactic women were beautiful, he had been told but he had never seen one to his liking, until now.

“You got a name then?” he asked.

“Nova Stacia” she smiled.

That smile would be his be all and end all.

-To be continued-

 Written by Irveen Kaur, UTS Communications graduate and writer.

The power of forgiveness

When I looked up the definition of forgiveness, Google came up with a lot of things. But what got me most was the use of the word ‘victim’ in the definition. I don’t think that anyone who is willing to forgive another human being for the wrongs they have committed should be classed as a victim.

The word ‘victim’ brings with it negative connotations. I believe the forgiver is a better person than the person that commits the wrong. In my life, there have been incidents where if I did not rise up as the stronger person, I would never have achieved a state of absolute peace and forgiveness.

Plenty of people are wronged every day. And this post isn’t about that. It’s all about the positives associated with forgiveness.

Forgiveness is defined as ” the intentional and voluntary process by which a victim undergoes a change in feelings and attitude regarding an offense, lets go of negative emotions such as vengefulness, with an increased ability to wish the offender well.” according to Google.

There are so many different kinds of forgiveness; forgiveness can be sought after from God, from other human beings or from your own self.

Self-love is something that I find crucial as a pillar of forgiveness, a stepping stone if you will. Once you have self-love, it is easier to give others and yourself at times, the benefit of the doubt, so that they no longer take up a large amount of your headspace, and so that you as a person can move on.

“Forgiveness is

taking the knife out of your own back

and not using it

to hurt anyone else

no matter how

they hurt you”

This quote from RAW really sums it up for me, and maybe for you too.

If you think about all the times that a friend has stabbed you in the back and multiply it by the amount of time you’ve spent thinking about it, tossing and turning in your bed and losing valuable sleep, you might just have written a book by now.

I’ve found that meditation can be a great healer, a real path to forgiving another person through the lens of God’s eyes. If we look at someone from the perspective that God sees them, a fellow human being with a beating heart and vices just like we have, our hearts begin to soften and we realise that there is an inkling of good in all souls.

My mother taught me how to see others through God’s eyes. I know it might seem corny to you, but it really works. I find peace in the fact that there is good in everyone, no matter who they are and what crimes they have committed.

I’ve taught my soul and my brain to work together in that sense. My soul forgives and my brain sees that the reason behind forgiveness is achieving peace of mind.

Every single person I know has fought battles, and none of them are even remotely similar. Each person has their own way of dealing with pain and recovering by forgiving the other person, whether its your father, your friend or just a stranger on the street. Keeping that pain locked up inside you isn’t necessary; so let it go and be free of your pain.

Life starts when you forgive.

Screen Shot 2016-11-07 at 8.28.13 pm.png

Source: Instagram

Written by Irveen Kaur, Graduate of UTS Communications & writer.