Hello Kitty Nail Party

Last week I had the pleasure of hosting a Hello Kitty Nail Party with some close friends from UTS. The concept of the party involved Hello Kitty, lots of pink nail polish as well as the novelty of the only Hello Kitty diner in Australia. I only recently found out about the diner. So you can imagine, that I was ecstatic to have my party there.

I’ve recently taken up Beauty school as my full-time study. In our first couple of units, we are studying how to give professional manicures and pedicures. One of the most important things I’ve learnt in this unit is the importance of cleanliness inside a salon. For example, the autoclave that is required in salon environments to keep the implements clean is all new to me. We use specific hospital grade disinfectant to clean all the mani/pedi metal implements. But that’s not it; we’ve been taught a very specific method of hand-washing which is recorded in our log books day to day.

I study at Nuvocca Beauty college in Parramatta. A short way away from the CBD, the college has state of the art facilities, including a beauty salon up the front, where students like me conduct manicures and pedicures, massage rooms as well as waxing facilities. We even have a little kitchen where the students congregate every day for lunch. In our little Nuvocca community, us budding make-up artists are ready to show the world what we can do. Each unit consists of knowledge questions, health and safety checklists as well as a practical component. This allows us as Nuvocca students to keep practicing beauty therapy as well as know theoretical information about the discipline.

Back to the party…

The first thing I did was assess the client’s nails. I cleansed them with nail polish remover. Following this, I shaped, buffed and polished them with my three step starter nail shaping starter kit. I made sure that the client ¬†was not experiencing any pain throughout the process. It is important to place the nail file at an upward 45 degree angle when shaping the nail, making upward motions in a singular direction. In beauty school, we are taught never to “saw” at the nail as this effectively damages it. When we are using the nail file, we are actually taking layers off the nail in order to shape it in a certain way. In the most ideal situation, I should also wear protective gloves and a mask as personal protective equipment (PPE).

In the photo above, you can see that I am using a Napoleon pink nail polish. I usually use MAC cosmetics in all my make up and nail applications.

However, the client brought her own nail polish as a preference in this particular case. I added a simple base coat (Butter Nail Foundation).

I love creating a rapport with my client (hence the smile on her face) :). In this case, I knew her so it was quite easy. In cases where I don’t know the client, i’d ask a lot of questions about their skin type and what type of colours they would like on their nails.

Similarly, when applying make-up on a client, I’d extrapolate information about the client’s skin type and colour preferences before performing a make-over. I’d also grab multi-purpose products. While perusing YouTube channels on make-up (this is how I learn when I’m not at college), I’ve come across several multi-purpose uses for MAC products especially. For example, the blushes that MAC provides can be used as eyeshadows. I’d pick up a bronzer, and a creme foundation. Sometimes, mixing foundations can create the correct colour for the client’s skin colour if the colour does not exist already in the range.

During my party, I followed a very standard method of doing manicures (by the book). I hope to have more parties just like this one. It was honestly a treat to organise. Everything from the pink tablecloth to the lollies were bought and laid out for guests.

The Hello Kitty Diner in Chatswood is a great place to host your future kids’ parties especially. It has a great ambience and its just so much fun. The novelty never wares off for me at least!

You’ll get to know my obsession with MAC cosmetics as the blog wares on. But basically, I’ve also discovered that MAC ¬†cosmetics has in the past teamed up with the iconic Hello Kitty brand and made blushes with it! My love for Hello Kitty goes way back to that day in year 4 when my mum bought me a bright pink Hello Kitty backpack for school.

And now, as a make up artist, my obsession with everything Hello Kitty is definitely coming through with this party!





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