Q&A with the YouTube make-up sensation Rachael Brook

Rachael Brook beauty blogger came to visit Nuvocca beauty salon and I asked her a couple of questions about achieving success in the blogging industry! Here’s a short summary of what I learnt:

1. Get yourself a good apprenticeship- she worked under some of the best make up artists in the industry for free before she was able to master make up artistry

2. Contact PR people from your favourite brands and ask for product knowledge. This is more subtle than actually asking for an invite to one of their exclusive product events.

3. Visit fashion shows/trade shows, where you can meet like minded people who love make up artistry.

4. Don’t forget to make your contact details very accessible through your blog site so that people or PR executives can contact you when they need to. This is how she got a lot of her opportunities.

5. Join an agency which manages your bookings for you! She was with DLM

6. Go to events pro bono so that you can talk and become an influencer in the make up industry. Make up schools are recommended.

7. She was also very open about giving tips and advice to us in person. Instead of a presentation, she had an ongoing dialogue going with the students at Nuvocca.

Visit her blog here: http://www.rachaelbrook.com


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