Wedding make-up on YouTube


Source: Beautify You Beauty Facebook Page

Beautify you Beauty is a business that specialises in Wedding Make-up, run by Anant Sidana, a friend of mine.

I’ve been going through some wedding make-up videos on YouTube and I was not disappointed! There’s so much to learn on there.

After catching up with a friend,  at the Grace of India restaurant in Milsons Point, I discovered the hefty bill some of these brides pay just to get their make up done all special on their wedding day!

Curious explorer that I am, I went online to check out some of the work that’s done on Indian brides. I’d love the opportunity to do some of this make up for my make-up portfolio!

Check out these beautiful brides:


Hope you enjoy these videos as much as I did. The only flaw I can see is that the make up artist doesn’t talk you through the make-up as is done on the following video. So, if you’re looking to learn like I am, then check out the one below!

She’s got a good point in her video; she’s done another Eid video, and her point is to unite women in the YouTube community, which I love. She’s an atheist like me, but she believes that Muslim women are ostracised at times. I like that she’s outspoken about her views. She’s got crazy product knowledge and pure talent! Beautiful Chloe Morello was introduced to me last week by Rachael Brook, another beauty blogger.

Sigma brushes seem to be on trend also! I was alerted to this at brunch yesterday, and she appears to be using them as well.








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