A little rendez-vous with Fashion blogger and Myer personal shopper Sofia

Have you ever wondered whether there was a job where you could just shop on other people’s money and help them style their own outfits?

Well that’s exactly what personal shopper, Sofia does for a living. She’s a passionate fashion blogger and has now been hired by Myer Chatswood to perform a styling service for customers free of charge. She even has her own sweet! There are personal shopper conferences on the horizon for this busy stylist. Sofia has more than twenty years of experience in the fashion industry, which makes her an expert in her field.

The service is so new that it hasn’t even been launched at Myer yet but Make up Monster blog has its feelers out for its readers.

“So the customer might have an event they might need to go to like a christening, a wedding or an outing. I need to know those details so I can fit the customer with the right sort of style,” said Sofia.

“I need to know what her shoe size is, get a sense of what her current style is so I can give the customer what she wants and more.” Sofia went on.

Interviewer: So when someone books you, is it redeemable on the products? How does the service work?

“So it’s a completely free service, but having said that the customers that come to me are intending to shop within Myer,” said Sophia.

“It’s those women who are looking for that perfect outfit and they just can’t find it. It’s hard when women today are so critical of themselves. I am a woman and I am very critical of myself,” she said.

“I know how to dress my body shape and make it look as best as it can be,” she said.

“I know all the little tricks; the right shape wear, the right underwear and the right make up,” said Sofia

“I have women ask me all the time about what colour will suit their skin tone. I’m not really into that colour chart because we’ve got a whole new world of make up today. Someone could go from being very fair to tanned in a second with the make up innovations that we have on the market.”

Make up is all about building confidence and being attractive to yourself before you step out the door into the big wide world out there.

“So I’m here to coach women and let them know what they can do with their bodies and what they can buy. I definitely broaden their shopping experience and stop them from caging themselves into that one style that they think suits them,” said Sofia.

Fashion is all about taking calculated risk and self expression.

Interviewer: How did you get into the fashion industry to begin with?

 “I just have a love for it. I’ve got a very big passion for it and to anyone looking to get into it, I’d say that’s really important. So I’ve worked in visual merchandising and retail management for over 20 years now.

I started when I was fifteen years old. I accumulated a lot of experience in the years that I could have been at university and I think that worked in my favour. I think that when you have a passion for something, and you’ve got that love for it, you teach yourself a lot,” Sofia said.

Interviewer: So do you have any advice for beauty students looking to get into the working world? 

“Yes, experience is the key. The longer you work for a company and the more you introduce yourself to the right people and be in the right place at the right time, you’ll give yourself a better chance of success.”

Interviewer: Any last minute go-to beauty products that you love right now?

“Yes! I love Mac foundation, Laura Mericer baked powder and Kylie cosmetics. I’m obsessed with Two Faced as well!”

Hope you enjoyed that little interview readers. New blog coming soon!

You can check out Sofia_says_styling on Instagram!


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