Napoleon has done so much with their brand over the last 25 years. Competing with the likes of Clarins, Shu Umera and Laura Mercier. Who would have thought that the Napoleon family would be such an authority in the beauty industry in such a short period of time?

Who is Sarah Reese? 

Napoleon Account Manager/Education Manager for Napoleon.

Fascinated by her look, I asked if she could tell me what she had used on her face. There was so much innovation in that face, that I had to take a photo.

When I say innovation, a lot of tech comes into mind in 2017, maybe even a little sci-fi fiction with robots and androids. But no! I’m talking about innovation with colour.

Featured below, Sarah has used all Napoleon products, bar her lashes which are from her best friend’s newly launched faux-mink lash business: Bambi Lashes, no doubt a clever ode to Disney’s Bambi (sweet!).

Ok, let’s break down the look and start with her hair, which is amazingly purple! I love a bit of purple.


For the base, she has used some Napoleon BBB cream combined with Napoleon’s Personal Trainer Serum foundation. Mixing foundations has created a beautiful photogenic look for her skin.


My favourite part of her look is the ombre lips. These are definitely a lot of work, but if done correctly, they can brighten up your lips and really define them. Sarah has used Napoleon’s Venus lips mixed with Onyx factor eye pencil, combined with the Wintry Lilly loose eye dust on the lips.


Finally, let’s take a look at those super shaped brows. She’s used Wand-er brow in brunette beauty, simply following the shape of her natural brow. It’s amazing how brows can change a face. If you’re looking to work in the beauty industry, especially at Napoleon, you’ve got a lot to learn about brows!


The final step is the eye shadow, liner and of course the beautiful faux-mink Bambi lashes. An eye base is recommended to ensure that the eye shadow and liner stay for a prolonged period of time. After that, Sarah has used white eye pencil in the waterline, to open her eyes up. This has been followed by eyeshadow, for which she has used Napoleon’s Wild Sunflower colour disk, blended out with the Orange Sherbet Colour disk. Lashes of course are by her best friend and entrepreneur Alex Rosas. These lashes are available through his website.

You can use a blending brush or beauty blender to really get those eyes blended properly. It’s crucial to ensure that the products you use, no matter what brand they’re from, are blended into the skin to give a professional finish. If you are in beauty school right now, make sure you start up your portfolio just like Alex Rosas! It would be great to also build a blog presence.



Want a little bit of insider information on Napoleon’s exclusive training program? Dream of doing make-up for a living? Here’s the scoop on the levels of training inside the Napoleon brand:

What you need to know

Napoleon has an extensive training program to acquaint all their sales associates on new products.

  1. The Online Modules: extensive videos with details on Napoleon’s upcoming launches.
  2. The Counter practical training: Napoleon has their education manager and account exec, Sarah to go around to all NSW counters, training them on the new products and how to sell. This means that each employee gets one on one training exposure on the counter.
  3. Finally, the follow up! Okay, so this isn’t as scary as it sounds. It’s a written component to their training program. Essentially, the written test allows Head Office to find out just how much their sales team have retained from all that educational investment and training.

Apparently, this 3-step training program has allowed sales to rise in the last quarter by 22%. You know what that means? The system works! Taking advantage of company online, practical and written tests to train you up will ensure your success at Napoleon.

From a business perspective, it looks like a fantastic education model to drive their bottom line. Compared to other brands, Napoleon definitely has delivered to the business world a surefire training method that brings about results. Other brands should take a leaf out of Napoleon’s book.

Over the course of 2017, Napoleon has appeared in Who magazine, New Idea, The Urban List, Women’s Day, Professional Beauty magazine and so many more. They’re also the official make-up partners for Mercedes Benz Fashion week! It could be an opportunity for students of beauty and newcomers to the beauty industry to step in and work on a variety of fronts, which includes not only their retail branches throughout Myer and David Jones, but also at Fashion week events. That sort of exposure will get you a hell of a portfolio boost as well as tonnes more freelance work. Fashion shows would be great fun to cover!

Finishing off with a link to a video on Napoleon Perdis’ Make up academy. Hope you’re feeling empowered readers!